Host Your Own Feast of Longing


September 12, 2020

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Intrigued by the concept of a Feast of Longing?

Are you ready to host your own?  Here’s how.

What do we do?

Plan a dinner party with your family & friends (your bubble) and set a place at the table for those who do not have enough. Honour those who ensured you had a place at the table with your favourite recipes, table dressings and memories.

Who to invite?

Following public health guidelines keep the invite to those in your bubble.

How to best layout this feast

Who cares, the important bits are always food, family and friends. Put the tacos next to the chicken soup next to jello salad, anything goes ?.

Any special formalities

Have fun!

How to make this dinner extra special

Find those bits that remind you of those who made sure you had enough.  The good plates in the back of the cupboard that you mean to bring out but never quite do; the old vintage pyrex, the cutlery you inherited that doesn’t go in the dishwasher; the old wooden spoon that survived the fire,  the sparkly bits that bring memories back to the table, old vases, salt and pepper shakers in the shape of asparagus.

Cut some flowers, some road side grasses, maybe a few herbs and set them out.  If you’re brave, iron the table cloth and hunt down the napkins that match.

What time of day?

Whatever time of day works for you.  Maybe brunch has the best memories attached to it; maybe a dinner; maybe supper depending on your background.  The gathering of friends and family is the important piece as it always has been.

Where should this take place i.e: outside, kitchen, dinning room with the best china and silver?

Some will be outside on the saw horses and plywood; some at the dining room table; some standing around the kitchen; some will be meant for the table but the beautiful late summer sun will beckon.

How do we record this event?

Click a picture; record a 60 sec video, maybe a recipe or the story behind the memory. Why was it important to celebrate, who are you honouring, what does it mean to support your family, friends and neighbours who may be hungry? We’d love to have the them and share them.

How do we submit video or photos

Send your photos and video through Facebook and we will share your awesome memories, pictures and favourite bits.

Is this a fundraiser?

Simply put yes!  COVID has interrupted and impacted all of our lives, but for some that means not having enough to pay for the mortgage; rent; food or utilities.   Setting a place for those who don’t have enough is symbolic, but making a donation will assist us to make sure they have food on the table.

Set a place for those who don’t have enough.


empty chair at dinner table

Honour those who ensured that you had a place at the table.


Dinning Room Table


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