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Who We Are

As a Not-For-Profit organization we rely on the generous and thoughtful support of our citizens, community partners, regular donors, the business community, volunteers, fundraising, grants and advocacy. We run on few resources and less certainty than profit run organizations. Our constant challenge over the years has been and still is being under resourced.

The OFB operates, functions, and leads in humility. Many hours were and are poured into the OFB from the tireless efforts of its volunteers – those working in the warehouse or serving clients or serving on the board. The volunteers work hard to make the food bank a welcoming place to work and serve its community. The need to serve more in our community has meant a full time staff person to oversee the operations. By having two staff members we were able to open more often, increase our partnerships and provide more client programs.

To be a part of the OFB experience is to walk humbly. This huge undertaking is to ensure that there is access to healthy food in a manner that preserves dignity, builds health and community through education while embracing our challenges. To quote one of our directors, “The food bank is similar to a bank to members of our community. When you have a little extra you make a deposit. But when you are in need you make a withdrawal.”

OFB Statistics

Our most recent stats

  • In 2018, our Senior’s Market supported 318 Seniors.
  • Our community garden grew 1000 lbs of fresh produce last year.
  • West Side Secondary School – culinary program created 7100 fresh take out meals last year.
  • Our Headwaters Food share distributed 56,000 lbs of food to 28 different agencies or programs.
  • 80+ volunteers donated 18,000+ hours in 2018.
  • Last year 141,000 pounds of community donations were received by the Food Bank.
  • In 2018, more than 163,400 lbs of food was distributed to clients

Did you know

  • 37% of clients served at Orangeville Food Bank are children.
  • 29% of clients served at Orangeville Food Bank are women.
  • Almost 8% of our clients are senior citizens.


OFB hands and heart