RAISE MONEY for the Food Bank

Thank you for considering the Orangeville Food Bank as a beneficiary of your fundraising event. The support of our local community is the key to our success and we recognize the effort it takes to hold an event on our behalf.


1. Tell us about your event. Send us an email to:
2. Set your goals.
3. Plan!
Planning an event can be a lot of time and work. That is where an event planning committee can come in very handy. A committee can help you plan the event from start to finish. Sound easy? It is, but before you begin recruiting members, you should have an event plan in place including a detailed list of all activities and the responsible member.
4. Promote your event.
The Orangeville Food Bank can assist you in the promotion of your event through our website, Twitter and Facebook Pages. We will also assist with the preparation of Media Releases & Photo Opportunities.
5. Have fun!
6. Collect all funds / food / other
We ask that all event donations be collected and returned to us within 30 days of the event.
7. Thanks for Making Us Better!
We will thank you publicly on our Social Media platforms & issue you a handwritten thank you card. Thanks again for supporting the Orangeville Food Bank.





Cash Non-perishable Food Volunteer
Cheques Fresh Food – Produce Group Sorting
Online/Monthly Personal Hygiene Items
Grocery Gift Cards Baby Items


Things we cannot accept: Vitamins, Medication, Home Baked Goods, Open Food Items, Expired Food Items


The Orangeville Food Bank can provide the following assistance once your event has been registered:

  • advice and expertise on event planning
  • letter of support to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizers
  • approve the use of our name. Please note you must obtain permission from the Food Bank to use our name and all materials, in accordance with the external use of logo policy.
  • the wording to be used in any printed materials of publicity regarding the activities of the Food Bank and use of funds generated by the event
  • a media list for press releases. The Food Bank office must see all press releases beforehand for approval by our Communications department
  • promotion of the event on Facebook & Twitter
  • if possible, have a representative on hand available to speak at the event; event-planner
  • acknowledge direct contributions to the Orangeville Food Bank and issue tax receipts for donations in accordance with Canada Revenue guidelines, which can be found on the CRA website. Please see section on tax receipts
  • distribute the net proceeds of the event in a manner that reflects the needs of the Orangeville Food Bank and the Food Bank’s accountability to its donors and supporters
  • arrange appropriate publicity surrounding the donation of the proceeds to the Orangeville Food Bank.

The Orangeville Food Bank IS NOT ABLE TO:

  • offer funding or reimbursement for expenses
  • share donor or sponsor lists
  • provide staff to organize or run your event
  • provide prizes, auction items or awards
  • sell tickets or items
  • ensure staff or volunteer attendance or participation
  • use paid advertising to promote your event
  • issue tax receipts or business receipts for gifts-in-kind made directly to the event (please see section on tax receipting guidelines)
  • provide insurance coverage
  • apply for a raffle or liquor license on your behalf
  • accept any legal or financial responsibility for your event.


The Canada Revenue Agency has strict rules and regulations regarding the issuance of tax receipts. It is imperative that these matters pertaining to receipting are handled efficiently, appropriately and most importantly, legally.

  • Tax receipts will be issued for cash gifts of $20 or more. Please note that it is the responsibility of the organizers to provide, within 30 days of the event, the title, name, address and gift amount in electronic spreadsheet form for any donation that requires a tax receipt. Tax receipts may not exceed the amount donated to the Food Bank;
  • Tax receipts can be issued for donations only and not sponsourships;
  • If tax receipts will be issued for the charitable donation portion of a ticket price, this amount must be clearly identified and differentiated from the “fair market value” of the event (as described by Canada Revenue Agency). Please discuss receipting with the Food Bank prior to establishing your ticket price to ensure compliance with all Canada Revenue Agency regulations. Admission fees, ticket prices and auction purchases do not qualify for charitable tax receipts.
  • Most companies prefer to claim contributions as business expenses since there is a greater tax advantage for a business expense write-off than for a charitable donation. If a corporation wishes to receive a business receipt for its donation, we will be happy to issue one upon request, provided the conditions set by Canada Revenue Agency are met. An official tax receipt will only be issued if the company has not received advertising or promotional value in return.  If the event has a matching funds component, we are only able to provide a tax receipt for the amount of the matched funds, not for the total amount of the event.

Tax receipts CANNOT be issued:

  • for the purchase of admission tickets, green fees, auction items or 50/50 draw winnings
  • for registration/participation fees
  • for in-kind goods donated to the event
  • for donated services, such as hiring an entertainer or auctioneer
  • for sponsorships
  • for gift certificates donated by the issuer of the certificate

If you need further clarification, please contact the Food Bank
Other Guidelines

  • The event organizers will obtain all necessary permits, licenses and insurance for their event.
  • The event organizers will provide a detailed, accurate and up-to-date accounting record must be provided to the Food Bank upon request.
  • All funds and tax receipt information (if approved to issue receipts), must be received by the Orangeville Food Bank within 30 days after the event.
  • The Orangeville Food Bank will retain the right to review the financial statements and internal controls of the event at our request.
  • If the event is cancelled, please notify the Food Bank at least one day prior to the event.
  • The Orangeville Food Bank will not assume any legal or financial liability at a community event.
  • The Orangeville Food Bank is not responsible for any damage, accidents to persons or property at a community

If you have any questions, please contact 519.942.0638 or by email at


Thank you for thinking about hosting a food drive or fundraising event for OFB! From BBQs to Garage Sales, or Golf Tournaments, no event is too big or too small.

If you are thinking of hosting a Holiday Food Drive please note that the best month to do your drive is in November, so collected items can be on hand to give out to clients during the month of December.

Food Drives during the spring months are also very much appreciated as our shelves get very low in the summer.  A food drive in May or June would really help us out!

Fundraising events held by partners in our community help spread awareness about hunger in Orangeville and allow us to continue to support our food bank that serves over 4300 individuals every year!

Your event can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. It can be as basic as a coin box in front of a coffee machine or it can be as elaborate as a dinner and dance.

  • An “a-thon” of any kind – walk, skip, read, bike, dance, knit, swim, bowl, skate, aerobic
  • Staff BBQ or Breakfast
  • Staff party or customer appreciation event
  • Fashion show
  • Bake or book sale
  • Dress down day
  • Car wash
  • Wine & Cheese event
  • Raffle or 50/50 draw
  • Silent Auction
  • Loonie or Toonie drive
  • Golf or Hockey Tournament
  • Donation box
  • Employees might donate an hour of their pay
  • Dedicate a portion of sales for an hour, day or week
  • Dedicate the sales of a particular product
  • Brown bag a lunch and donate what you would have spent
  • Ask customers to “round up” their purchase to the nearest dollar
  • Icon Program
  • Walk / run
  • Garage Sale
  • Kids Clothing Resale
  • Grocery Store Bagger for a Day
  • Coffee Break
  • Popcorn Sale
  • Pizza Lunch

The use of the Orangeville Food Bank logo is restricted.

​In keeping with industry standards, The Orangeville Food Bank will only permit use of its logo to those organizations that have a substantial, established relationships with the Orangeville Food Bank. In those cases, the Food Bank must approve any use of the logo for an external publication or event.
Although an organization may possess a copy of the logo from a previous initiative, the Orangeville Food Bank must approve each subsequent use of the logo.
The Orangeville Food Bank must review all promotional materials where the logo or name is used (including press releases, public service announcements, posters, invitations etc.) before they are used.